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Apr 2005 Apple poison... 3 Fish New Hope Will Make Peace Dprk Lies, War Seoul July 4th, 2018... Jan 2006 Winning lottery numbers for Mega Millions lottery... Apr 2005 Powerball numbers 41 26 34 24 35 16... Jun 2005 Explosion... Jun 2007 May 4th 4th 2007 CNN breaking news - this is the man who did this... Aug 2005 Secret US Government spy satellite goes down... Jan 2006 Japan 8+ earthquake triggers tsunami in Tōhoku Japan on 11 march... Jun 2006  you are not you... Jan 2007 New moon earthquake kills... Jul 2007 Rich - the plan will work...  May 2005... 172 boardwalk... May 2005 Some sort of hurricane proof house - invention I think... Sept 2014 5  stock YRC buy at 4/2 sell at 78.2... Brian Ladd - USA 1989 - 2003 Summer Wells found - shoes - her shoes will be used in court to prove this is not an accident - Don did not do this - remains found  - Rose Marie Bly - creek 18 June 2021 2 June 26th the fire and explosion start here - numbers... Fort Dix Basic Training Graduation 1989, My Grandmother and me, Brian Ladd... Missing woman Kandi Green Gonzalez located - she told him she was going to the police - there is a photo on the other phone - the items were put there by his girlfriend - looking in the wrong area - 27 April 2021 1 Dulce Maria Alavez Missing Child Found - Vineland Nj A4 - Edgar Perez Arrested On May 12th 2021 - 8566655655 - A Dog Was In The V... 

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